Will taking votes away from the DA put the ANC in power?


Firstly, the DA is going to win another landslide victory in the Cape. They have won Cape Town and the Western Cape with either a coalition since 1999, or an overwhelming majority in every election since 2009.


The Cape Independence Party needs approximately 5000 votes to get a seat in the City of Cape Town.

5000 votes is a small fraction of the DA’s 1.3million votes. It is one side of the stands at the Newlands Rugby Stadium. With one seat we can at the very least put the topic of Cape independence on the table for discussion. With your support we can do it!

Furthermore, a vote for the Cape Independence Party is a vote for Cape independence and is the strongest possible vote against the ANC.

The DA categorically rejects the idea of Cape independence. A vote for the DA will simply delay independence to the day when the ANC finally takes control of the Cape. At which point, the DA will have lost their power and any chance of independence will be gone as well.

The DA is a party with national ambitions who hold the belief that they will overthrow the ANC and win a national election in South Africa and become the governing political party of South Africa. Ones perspective on the possibilities of this aside, the DA has imposed on itself national obligations and as a result is limited in the extent to which they can resist, or wish to resist, the types of ANC policies that directly discriminate against the majority of the people of the Cape.

The Cape Independence Party, however, receives its sole mandate from the Cape, and it is the Cape whom we serve first and foremost. The Cape Independence Party can oppose the types of ANC legislation and policy that the DA is obliged to accept.

Therefore, a vote for the Cape Independence Party will not weaken the opposition toward the ANC, quite the contrary; it will only strengthen the opposition.

2009 – Western Cape:


DA majority = 12/23 seats; (1 million votes)


ANC = 8/23 seats; (660 000 votes)

2011 – City of Cape Town:


DA majority = 135/221 seats; (1.3 million votes)


ANC = 73/221 seats; (730 000 votes)

2014 – Western Cape:


DA majority = 26/42 seats; (1.2 million votes)


ANC = 14/42 seats; (700 000 votes)