Download the Cape Party Manifesto.

In 2008, the Cape Party was officially registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) as a political party in the Republic of South Africa. Our first hope is that…

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The Cape Party and what we stand for.

The right to self-determination is a universal and intrinsic human right. Governments govern by the consent of the governed…

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Cape History

The history of the Cape.

Going back into recorded history Southern Africa was largely populated by the nomadic Khoisan people. The Bantu migration from Northern and Central Africa resulted in…

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The Cape is being economically raped.

The Division of Revenue Act/Bill is an account of all of the revenue collected in South Africa through direct and indirect taxes…

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Have your say.

Use our polls page to share your opinion on the issues we are facing today.

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Is  Cape independence really possible?

1. Will taking votes away from the DA put the ANC in power?

2. Is the independence of the Cape really possible?

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